Sixth Form Facilities


The new Sixth Form centre provides a place for students to both study and relax. Students have access to their own kitchen and relaxation areas in their common room. Students also have their own dedicated work spaces situated around the Academy to enable private study.




Expectations at Sixth Form

At the beginning of Y12 you will receive target trades for each of the subjects that you are studying. Targets are set using FFTD; they will be aspirational, but realistic. Each half term your teachers will complete a file check to ensure that you have a course specification, up to date and organised notes and assessments. Throughout the year, at calendared assessment points, your parents will receive an HT progress repost. It will contain a working at grade, predicated grade and A2L grade (1-4). There will also be a parents’ evening in November where they can discuss progress with your subject teachers. If your progress shows a cause for concern, the issue will be discussed with you and, if necessary, your parents invited in to create a support plan to get you back on track.