Academy moving in the right direction....

On Friday, 1st May 2015 we were inspected by Mr Chris Chapman (HMI) to consider the progress made at the academy since our inspection in January.  It was reported that Senior Leaders and governors are taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement  and  as we continue to move forward we will ensure that we sharpen our monitoring and evaluation of our new initiatives to ensure they are bringing us the successful outcomes we are aiming for.  We will also look increasingly at the gaps in the achievement of boys and girls and disadvantaged students to achieve their best outcomes.

On his visit the HMI commented that “students were set work that enabled them to work on areas of weakness identified in their weekly tests. As a result they were able to close the gaps in their learning”. He also saw that “students were attentive, engaged well with activities set, and worked purposefully both independently and with their peers. Some students, particularly those in Year 11 lessons I visited were extremely well motivated and eager to do well. Those positive attitudes supported students’ learning.  Many students were able to articulate what they needed to do to improve their learning”.

It is pleasing to see that our HMI has recognised the progress made by the academy in the short time since our inspection in January and we will endeavour to maintain our drive in raising standards for all students at the academy. A link to the full monitoring report can be found on the link below;


Yours sincerely


Mr N Jamieson