Design Technology

KS3 Overview

In Year 7 & 8 Design Technology looks at acquiring and refining skills in design. The aim of the course is to enable students to critically think and analyse using the design process and CAD to support this learning development.  

Students will be introduced to a variety of CAD packages and DFM (design for manufacturing) projects to challenge understanding and learning, creating a platform to develop the skills needed to gain a successful GCSE.

KS4 overview

Design Technology is a practical subject that will encourage students to understand and appreciate the developing design and manufacturing world and the career opportunities it offers

Course Work Students will identify and research a design problem that will require a solution focus; this will include a brief detailed specification and initial ideas annotated with students’ thoughts and evaluations taken from existing products available to date. Further research and knowledge of the product and potential client will develop the students design skills and product development and will be realised in a “made form" from chosen material  preferable to the student. This counts for 50% of the students overall final mark

Examination Students will complete an external examination testing knowledge gained from theory work undertaken in conjunction with their design skills from YR 9-11 inclusive, looking at all aspects of manufacturing the design process and general knowledge of technology and its impact in todays technological world.

This counts for 50% of the students overall mark

Career opportunities: Product Designer, Architect, Engineer, Fashion designer, Fashion merchandiser, Teacher, Car designer, Manufacturing engineer, Development engineer,