Food Technology

From your first ‘Victoria sponge’ to a three course meal that features local produce and an in depth knowledge of what is actually in our food and how it reacts to different temperatures and methods of preparation, there is great fascination from students involved in both practical work and theory. 

Our facilities enable students to plan, prepare and create even the most complex and unusual of dishes. Access is inclusive to all and whether you’re cooking in a Bain Marie or making your own pasta from scratch there is a plethora of equipment to help you do just that!

Course Description: KS3

This scheme of work has been specifically developed to enable students to learn how to cook a range of dishes safely and hygienically and apply their knowledge of nutrition. In addition, they will consider consumer issues, food and its functions and new technologies/trends in food. They will produce predominantly savoury dishes and main meals based on current healthy eating guidelines and learn to modify recipes to suit specific scenarios and special diets

Course description: KS4

Food preparation and Nutrition GCSE (WJEC)

This course in food preparation and nutrition enables students to make connections between theory and practice so that they are able to apply their understanding of food science and nutrition to practical cooking. The areas of content are as follows:-

Food Commodities

Principles of Nutrition

Diet and good health

The science of food

Where food comes from

Cooking and food preparation.

There are two controlled assessments: the first a food investigation worth 15% of the final marks and the second, a practical cooking assessment supported by investigational work worth 35% of the final marks, the last 50% is a written exam covering the areas of content above.


This qualification can lead to . . .

The qualification is an excellent starting point for a broad range of opportunities:

Apprenticeships in a variety of catering establishments. Further education in hospitality and catering, event operations, food science and nutrition; which may be taken to degree level and beyond.