Departmental Vision

The Music Department at The Cheadle Academy focuses on developing the overall musician. We acknowledge that not everybody is a performer – some can be talented composers, producers and arrangers! Through our varied curriculum (which covers everything from the Baroque era to Commercial Dance Music Production) and extra-curricular activities we aim to enrich the lives of our students through music.

KS3 Overview (what is taught in KS3)

Units studied at Key Stage 3 include:

Year 7: Building Blocks, Descriptive Music, AABA Pop Songs.

Year 8: Around the World, Music for Stage and Screen, Riffs and Repeating Patterns, Music for Dance.

Year 9: Club Dance Music Production, Musicianship and Preparing for GCSE Music.

KS4 Overview (what is taught in KS4)

GCSE: Edexcel: This subject involves solo and ensemble performance and students are required to compose two pieces of music. They will also sit a listening exam where they will be examined on eight set pieces of music from the exam board. Areas of music studied at this level include Instrumental Music such as Bach and Beethoven, Vocal Music such as Queen and Purcell, Music for Stage and Screen such as Star Wars and Wicked and Fusions which investigates how different types of music can be combined.

Career Opportunities

There are many possible careers within the sound and music industry, these careers include: Professional Performer, Film/TV Composer, Technical and Sound Support, Musical Theatre, Music Journalism, Music Teaching, Music Therapy.

Useful websites Extra-Curricular Activities

Monday: Dance Club, Key Stage 4 GCSE Sessions Tuesday: Wind Band, Senior Singers Thursday: African Drumming Ensemble, GCSE Support and Intervention Friday: Choir, Music Theory Club

The Cheadle Academy Music Department also presents one musical theatre performance per year in The Cheadle Community Theatre, which is on site. Recent projects have included Disney’s ‘Beauty and The Beast’, ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’. Students become part of the cast, the ‘pit band’ or become part of the technical team. This includes lighting, sound, costume and makeup, and stage crew. Students have the opportunity to work with a live band made up of staff, friends of the Academy, ex-students and current students. We aim to make the productions as professional as possible for students to experience performing in a real theatre. Several of our students have gone on to study Musical Theatre or Performing Arts once they have left the Academy.

Instrumental lessons are also provided by Music For Life and Entrust and are accessible to all students regardless of their musical background.

There are two formal opportunities per year for students to perform to parents and friends at the Christmas Celebration and the Summer Soiree. Students also have many opportunities to perform within the community throughout the year including fetes and festivals.