Walking Boards

Further Walking Boards for the People of Cheadle

Last year, Year 11 students from The Cheadle Academy pioneered a Walking Boards Project and worked closely with the Council's Footpaths Committee to provide ‘walking boards for the community’.  Each board depicted a walk around Cheadle, taking the walker into the gorgeous countryside that surrounds our town.

The project was then passed on to some extremely knowledgeable country and wildlife enthusiasts in Year 7, now in Year 8 who have provided further boards, again associated with Cheadle Town Council's superb footpaths book; available from Tourist Information and the Council Offices at The Lodge.  Their new routes take in Freehay, just below St. Chad’s Church and the other is situated next to the beautiful little brook in Tay Close, Cheadle.

County and District Councillor, Mark Deaville unveiled the boards that have been sponsored by Councillor Deaville’s Community Initiative Fund; a fund that has also sponsored defibrillators in the area, signs, allotments and the Party in the Park, to name but a few.

Morgan Hughes, a Year 8 Student at The Cheadle Academy and Secretary of The Academy’s Fields and Footpaths Group said, ‘we are very proud of this project, it is very important that we realise how fortunate we are to have all this countryside around us and we need to make sure it is looked after and enjoyed.’  Reagan Piercy, Chair of the Group added, ‘we have worked hard to create the boards and hope that they will help local people to enjoy the walks; they provide information about local wildlife and the history surrounding the walks too.’

Sarah Booth of The Cheadle Academy said, ‘our students knew what they wanted to produce and worked hard to see the project through.  They have grown the group and want to share their love of the local countryside.  We are extremely grateful to Cheadle Town Council and Councillor Deaville for allowing us to create and develop such an excellent learning opportunity’.