Departmental Vision

Geography is the study of people, places and the environment and the links between them. Geography is in everything around us and is extremely relevant in our changing world. The Geography department at the Cheadle Academy aims to enable students to see the joy within the patterns and processes which are integral to the world around them. We aim to enable our students to develop their skills of enquiry, by developing logical routes of questioning. We encourage discovery of the world through independent research and thought and we aim to create students who think geographically and to whom concepts of sustainability are second nature. In order to achieve this we:

  • Use a variety of teaching and learning strategies which involve and extend the students
  • Use ICT as a tool for research and analysis
  • Develop the use of Art in Geography to encourage different ways of “seeing”
  • Develop and extend the students by having high expectations and challenging activities
  • Respond to the individual learning needs of the student

KS3 Overview

At KS3, We study the full range of key geographical themes, through a maximum of 18 topics.

In Year 7, our students learn how to use and apply the key skills of Geography, followed by rivers, earthquakes and volcanoes, hurricanes, a study of Ghana as a developing country and finally tourism.

In Year 8, our students learn about coasts, economic development, China as a newly emerging economy, ecosystems, settlement and landscapes of the UK.

In year 9, our students look at tectonic hazards, urban growth in Rio, weather hazards, urban change in Liverpool, hot deserts and rivers.

KS4 Overview

At KS4, we follow the AQA GCSE course. The course covers Human and Physical geography, through examining challenges in the human environment and with living with the physical environment. Within the Physical topic, students learn about natural hazards, ecosystems, rivers and coasts. Within the Human topic, students learn about development, urban change in the UK and Brazil and challenges of resource management. The GCSE course is examined through three examinations. In addition to the Human and Physical papers worth 37.5% each, there is a geographical application paper based on the two contrasting field study days students are taken on during the GCSE course.

Career Opportunities

Geography is a valuable subject which develops the real life skills that colleges and employers want.

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